Meet Shawn

When I concluded my career in the Army, I was looking for a way to help others. Massage found me. I started massage school and found I loved helping people take the weight of the world off, if only for an hour. Helping others makes me feel good and I love being able to heal and relieve tension using my training and skills.   One thing I strive to do with every client is listen to their needs and understand how their body responds to massage. I treat each person as an individual, unique and different, and I do my best to provide what they need.   Monument, CO appeals to me because it is a small, close knit community and under-served. Many folks I spoke with drive into the Springs to get a massage and were looking for someone in town for convenience and availability. Massage has made my life better, less stressful and happier. I know it can help you, too. I would love to help you relieve stress and tension, let me know how I can be of service. – Shawn

Professional Promise: As a licensed member of ABMP, I adhere to a strict code of ethics, and I also hold myself to a professional standard. I promise:

  • To Listen and Understand each clients needs and treat them as individuals
  • To Respect and Honor each person for the simple fact that they are a person
  • To remain loyal and have integrity at all times

Academy of Massage Essentials Accreditation

With an increased demand in health and wellness in today’s society.  Opportunities are available for careers in Massage Therapy.  For anyone interested in a field with a higher demand of health and wellness while offering interest in helping others relieve stress, tension, and a better self worth.   I highly recommend, Academy of Massage Essentials, for your higher education learning experience in Massage therapy.  I graduated from the school in November 2017.  Traci and Kris will guide you through your learning experience with passion, determination to succeed, and a high respect for your success in massage therapy.


I am insured by ABMP and I feel confident starting  my business with them behind me.  They strive to show me a successful path in massage therapy with continuing education, excellent customer service, and driven respect for professional massage therapy practices.


SCORE has been so valuable in mentoring me about how to get my business off the ground successfully.  Offering classes to provide a better small business experience to my clients.  Experienced and knowledgeable mentors that sit down with individually to assist in your path to success in small business entrepreneurship.  Special Thanks to Mike and Rachel.